Creating Website For Business

In Todays World, Even a Small Business Has Its Web Presence. The Way Businesses Have Their Offline Presence It Is Also Important For Businesses To Have Their Online Presence. Businesses Can Highlight Their Products & Services On Their Website. For Understanding The Importance of Web Presence It Is Important For Businesses To Understand The Consumer Buying Behaviour Process.

Consumer Buying Behaviour Stages

  • Problem Recognition
  • Information Search
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Purchase Decision
  • Purchase
  • Post Purchase Decision

We’ll Understand The Consumer Buying Behaviour Stages From An Example of a Customer Buying Furniture.

Problem Recognition – Customer Finds That The Furniture of His/Her House Is Broken.

Information Search – Once The Problem Is Being Recognized By The Customer He/She starts Searching For The Information   Online i.e On Search Engines.

Evaluation of Alternatives – The Customer Finds Many Furniture Related Websites Selling Furniture Online. Customer              Compares Alternatives With Each Other.

Purchase Decision – After Evaluating, The Customer Makes Purchase Decision of The Furniture Whichever He/She Finds          Suitable.

Purchase – The Customer Purchases The Furniture Online From a Website Selling Furniture Online.

Post-Purchase Evaluation – After Receiving The Furniture Customer feels Satisfied & Writes Review On The Website Selling Online Furniture. Looking At The Customer’s Review on The Website Other Customers Can Trust The Website Selling Online Furniture.

From The Above Example, You Would Have Understood The Importance of Having Online Presence By Having Your Own Business Website.